Hanna’s little daughter, Lily, couldn’t savor ice cream due to an allergy. This inspired Hanna to craft vegan ice cream that was equally tasteful but more mindful for people and planet. To get listed and thrive in the competitive frozen food shelves, Hanna understood she needed an impactful brand and packaging design.


The creation of a brand and packaging design with a unique personality instantly opened doors to the Swedish retailers ICA, Coop and City Gross. The conquest of the European Bio market followed quickly. Today Lily O Hanna is listed in a big part of Europe, making their ice dream come true.

— Client

Lily O Hanna

— Market

Retail + Bio Channel EU, Frozen category

— Expertise

Brand strategy Brand logo design Brand identity Packaging design



After getting to know Hanna as a person who is both enthusiastic and determined, we convinced her to use her personal story in creating herbrand. We believed that this approach would resonate with consumers, as it would provide an authentic narrative coupled with a delicious product, made with genuine passion and love.


We created a unique brand logo that highlighted the personal story of Lily and Hanna, and a packaging that reflected their genuine passion and love, infused with energy. Our branding approach was pivotal in helping Lily O Hanna penetrate the Swedish market.

After a couple of years, Lily O Hanna was ready to expand to the European market. However, as the market and consumer preferences are constantly evolving, we needed to adapt the designs to keep it a successful story.

We embarked on a revitalization journey, crafting an impactful visual brand world that could make Lily O Hanna a significant player in the European Bio channel. Throughout this process, new opportunities emerged, enabling the brand to extend the existing range with fresh and exiting new products.


In 2023, Lily O Hanna was spotted by an investment group specialized in vegan brands and was successfully sold. The ice dream is now getting ready to expand once more.

“It’s been an amazing journey and I could not have had better companions on the way. It has been truly wonderful to work with Catchafish and I think we have always created something magical together. I could not recommend the agency more highly and sincerely.”

 HANNA REIMERS – Founder Lily O Hanna

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