A no-nonsense local player becomes the talk of the town.

The challenge

How do we bring the no-nonsense attitude of a local icon to life in the city of Ghent through an inspiring visual identity? And turn his Fries Shop into a food hotspot while make a striking packaging design for a homemade tartar sauce?

The result in positive change

Frituur Tartaar has become the talk of the town due to its excellent identity in the historic center of the city, attracting people from all over.

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Food Criminals

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Since Frituur Tartaar, Sven and Evelyn's Fries Shop, was already an icon in the city of Ghent, they needed a brand identity that matched their vision. In the meantime, instigated by their passion for fresh and delicious home-made products, they introduced a new veggie tartar sauce. Being on the side of natural foods, they wanted to bring their tartar sauce to a wider audience. Reconnecting people with homemade quality, delicious taste and real ingredients. To realize these future ambitions and create the opportunity to move into other markets, we launched a new food brand called 'Food Criminals'.

The branding

We created a brand strategy that seamlessly aligned with both Frituur Tartaar and their homemade Tartar sauce, while allowing them to pursue their individual objectives. Sven and Evelyn's straightforward approach was transformed into a captivating visual identity, incorporating quirky quotes that gave them a distinctive voice to express what ignites all'Food Criminals': the celebration of pure culinary magic.

The resulting identity proudly embodies everything Sven and Evelyn represent: authenticity, vitality, inspiration, and an unwavering commitment to genuine flavors. We executed the project with a rebellious flair, resulting in an identity that communicates playfully, surprises constantly, and underwent a remarkable transformation of the Frituur Tartaar shop.

The packaging design.

We infused the homemade Tartar sauce with the same vibrant style, ensuring it becomes a tasteful ambassador for their FriesShop. By branding the packaging label with the Food Criminals logo, we created a pathway for potential future entry into the Foodservice market. With additional food product concepts brewing in their minds, Sven and Evelyn can effortlessly bring more irresistibly flavorful homemade products to the market.This strategic move opens up opportunities for them to commercialize their mouth-watering creations with a touch of culinary rebellion.

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