Come a casa wanted to establish their role as the reference brand in the category of ready meals and grow up as a beacon of trust. Over the years, the brand visual didn’t evolve and they got the perception of being a rational and industrial brand. Come a casa felt they could lose their leadership position to the detriment of private label brands. A strong and ownable story, impactful branding and a stand out packaging was needed.


The new branding and packaging design has enabled Come a casa to be listed at 3 new retailers, while the brand awareness increased to 89% with a market leadership reaching 84% of the population.

— Client

Come a casa

— Market

Retail Belgium & Eastern Europe, Fresh Ready Meals

— Expertise

Brand strategy Brand logo design Brand identity Packaging design



To counter the perception of an industrial and rather product oriented brand, we dived deep and learned that Come a casa didn’t communicate at all about their unique story on how they made their products with freshly made ingredients. Moreover, they didn’t even claim they served the best taste!

With the constantly changing needs of the consumer in mind, we convinced the people of Come a casa to take back their role as a leader in the category by setting a new standard with their ownable story. High time to translate that luscious story into an impactful brand logo and a contemporary packaging design.


Catchafish created a brand new logo that showcases quality, expertise and pleasure while having a strong personality. A stamp of trust. Honest and unique. The logo needed to be a powerful statement which can play a prominent role in the new packaging design and overall brand communication. Then we created the packaging and a clear packaging architecture with honest and fresh photography placed on a vivid coloured background, creating a strong taste appeal and a clear differentation.

Due to the well thought out packaging architecture we could ensure a strong brand recognition while totally bring to life the specific experience for each different category. The rebranding resulted in packaging designs that impact the shelves.

“Catchafish succeeded in taking us out of our comfort zone with well-founded ideas and attractive concepts. They understood our needs perfectly and brought Come a casa to a higher level.”

 NATHALIE VLAEMINCK – Brand manager Come a casa


After a period of 4 years since Come a casa was rebranded, a strategic workshop was organized together with the people of Come a casa and unvealed new opportunities to bring the brand to a next level, ensuring a long-lasting emotional connection with the target consumer and new consumers as the proud leader of its category.

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