Raising taste attraction in the exclusive world of Parisian sweet delicacies.


In order to introduce Stéphanie De Fresnoye's artisanal, experimental and expressive guimauves to a wider demanding audience, it was crucial to reimagine her Maison Carrousel brand identity and packaging design, aligning it with its high end craftsmanship, exceptional quality and distinctiveness of her cubic creations showcased in Parisian delicatessens.


The new identity was the missing link for Stéphanie to successfully hit the shelves at prestigious establishments such as La Grande Epicerie and Lafayette. Simultaneously, she opened her own Maison Carrousel boutique in the heart of Paris, fully stocked with her delicious guimauves presented in attractive packagings.

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Maison Carrousel

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French premium specialty stores & delicatenssen

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Catchafish immersed itself in the realm of Parisian gourmandise culture. A thorough store check allowed us to fully understand the delicate complexities within the high end delicacy world and provided us with the necessary inspiration. Working closely together with Stéphanie, we fine-tuned a well-defined strategic framework aimed at elevating her products into distinctive sensory experiences that authentically tell her sensorial and intuitive journey.


We crafted a unique identity for Maison Carrousel that resonates with Stéphanie's ambition and authority as a unique ‘maitre’ while fully expressing her creative spirit. The logo was infused with premium allure and Parisian sophistication to bring the necessary quality within the world of gourmet delights.

We developed a consistent architecture that strikes the right balance between craftsmanship, premium quality, and creativity, allowing room for continuous surprises. The distinctive character of the 'Nouvelles guimauves' was reflected in the packaging designs, where the iconic cube shape of Maison Carrousel’s guimauves serves as a starting point for many sensory journeys with each an inventive and exciting destination, both visually and in taste. At times tender and light, reassuring, and then unexpectedly creative and daring.

The sleek graphic pattern is filled in an ‘out of the cube’ way with imaginative photography and illustrations. It is a canvas, allowing Maison Carrousel to challenge new expressions over and over again. Color palettes with their surprising shades and creative expressions breathe life into the unique world of Maison Carrousel.


From the newly created identity, a first Maison Carrousel boutique in the heart of Paris have been adorned, immersing visitors in the inspiring world of exquisite delicacies, the Parisian way. We guided Stéphanie to infuse her sweet ‘Maison’ with the same magic that shines through her new brand identity and packaging designs. A real discovery in visual as in taste experience.


Today, new boutiques are in the works, poised to further convey the intriguing story of Stéphanie and the enchanting flavors of Maison Carrousel products.                                                                                                         

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