— Without bullshit. 
With great passion.

We are a strategic and creative design agency with a strong passion for branding and packaging. It has always been in our nature to challenge the status quo to create positive change for the projects we work on. Always together, always with a smile.

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We are thinkers, designers, challengers, catchers, transformers, keepers of good faith, friends and good listeners. We are open-minded and believe in the power of insight & imagination and their ability to change your brand for the better. We strongly believe in honest and personal collaborations, a good pinch of bravery and tons of positivity.

We believe in embracing our planet for a sustainable future.

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— Meet the team

With our specialized team of brand strategists and talented designers (don’t forget our hands-on office manager), we create unique stories for each brand. Therefor, each of us has a unique profile. With different voices. Different stories. Different passions and different talents. These differences create a unique and unexpected melting pot of pure creativity and surprising insights. With one thing in common: our drive to make your brand stand out in the best way. Who we are?
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Always keep the good faith!
Stéphane Kimpe
Founding Partner Brand strategist & Creative Director
Balls for glory!
Lawrence Messelier
Senior brand & packaging designer In-house photo graphicer
Never go with the flow, create the flow!
Hannelore Staelens
Office manager Hands-on organizer
Let's go wild but always refined!
Wafa Baccaert
Senior brand & packaging designer Illustrator
Nothing changes if nothing changes!
Jürgen Hûughe
Founding partner Brand strategist & Creative director
aim for the moon!
Sarah Cocquyt
Branding & Packaging designer


Are you ready for the jungle called branding and packaging? We agree, it is a complex universe where guidance by professionals can never be underestimated. That’s why Catchafish likes to be surrounded by a strong network of super-talented food specialists, food innovators, food product developpers, sustainability experts, trendwatchers, marketing and go-to-market strategists, photographers, stylists, copywriters, web builders…

They extend our expertise in a way that we can ensure a total service for your challenge. If needed, we are happy to introduce them personally to you or even bring them around the table in complete confidence. Because we know they think alike: making an impactful difference for your challenge.

After our creative journey has ended to deliver the most eye-catching packaging design, your design needs to be printed in the best possible way where quality is guaranteed. If you don’t have any clue on which door to knock or you just want some technical advice concerning the further technical roll-out of your packaging, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.

For special cases, we can provide you with the necessary contacts for advanced packaging photogravure services, structural packaging development and high-quality printing companies specialized in printing packaging in various forms and shapes. Feel free to call us and we'll be happy to connect you!

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