We define your brand.

Finding the essence and defining your brand is key to start, to transform or to grow business and to be relevant for your target group.
At Catchafish, we strongly believe in the power of result-driven thinking to create future proof brands with a meaningful message that stands out from their competitors. In our thinking, we dare to challenge the status quo to bring your brand to a next level in order to turn strategy into positive and future proof commercial results.

Market insights & Discovery

The world and the market are constantly changing.

New trends emerge at lightning speed only to fade just as quickly. That is why it is important to discover the context in which your brand or product can flourish. With our years of knowledge of the market, we help you find the most valuable opportunities to make your brand stand out in its category.

Consumer insights

Shopping behaviour is rapidly changing in a way it’s not easy to catch your real target audience. In order to make an emotional connection with your consumer, we discover the best match for your brand and help you to understand them to make a lasting connection, now and in the future.

Brand Positioning

How can you be sure that your story fits in the world of today? We help you to both understand your brand’s needs and discover opportunities with a big potential. All with one ambition: to claim a strong position in the market where your brand can make a real difference and be distinctive.

Brand Definition

Always together, we dive deep to catch the essence of your brand. We define the key brand values that makes your brand ownable and unique in a way it perfectly fits the brand vision and mission.

Brand Story

Every brand should have a story to tell. We help you create your brand story that touches the hearts and minds of your key audience. We help you find the right words to explain your offer in an inspiring elevator pitch.

Brand Strategy

The part where challenging and smart thinking gives direction to your brand. Based on the brand positioning, the vision and mission of your brand and the collected insights, we create an ambitious ‘most-value’ brand strategy, that will make your brand successful and ready for the future.

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