Brugge is an icon cheese brand, a proud ambassador of our famous Belgian Burgundian food culture. Our mission was to make an evolutional redesign of the brand logo and the packaging design in order to meet the evolved needs of our constantly changing society and consumers.


Today, research reveals Brugge to be the number one hard cheese brand in the mind of consumers, with an improved brand awareness up to 96% and with the highest purchase intent in the market. Brugge Kaas has evolved to the best in class A-brand in general liking, both in recognition based on design and in packaging design appreciation.

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Brugge Kaas

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Brand logo update Packaging restyling Packaging architecture



When making an evolutional design of an icon, it is important to know what is essential and to understand what specifically attracts the consumer in the brand story and brand visual. Is it enough to simply rely on the brand recognition of Brugge to express what it stands for? Does it still have its place in today’s and tomorrow’s world? And most important: do consumers still resonate with Brugge? In close collaboration with the people of Brugge, we revealed the essence of the brand and reflected it on the current market and consumer insights.


It was all about simplifying and amplifying the design to create a stand out brand logo and a strong storytelling on pack. In that way we respected the recognizable brand image but created a packaging architecture where all the communication could be displayed in the best possible way. The Belgian story got a more prominent place, claiming the craftsmanship and expertise of the cheesemakers. We simplified each taste proposition for a bigger iconicity on pack. And we emphasized on telling Brugge’s unique and authentic story and its commitment for a sustainable future.

“It was a real challenge to redesign the pack to make it feasable for printing. By thinking smart, we could eliminate colours and reduce the printing cost while still delivering a bright and stand out design.”

LAWRENCE MESSELIER – Packaging designer Catchafish


After the restyling and the penetration of the updated designs in the market, we started working on several new ranges to extend the product portfolio and user moments of the brand. We are closely involved in innovation programs for the brand and its products, to ensure Brugge has its place in the minds and hearts of tomorrows consumers.

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