Taking quality perception to a higher level in the European market.

The challenge

How can we restore quality and a justified price to a product that has a negative perception in the European market? Many consumers think of surimi as a cheap crabmeat replacement with no nutritional value, no taste experience and no sense of quality. A totally different perception as in India where the product is produced. Catchafish helped Gadré in their challenge to market their product in Europe while telling the rich story behind surimi.

The result in positive change

By telling the authentic story of surimi and bringing it to life through attractive designs, Gadré has claimed a new position in the market, moving up the qualitative perception ladder. The new packaging design now allows Gadré to bring their global expertise as a surimi producer directly to the European consumer.

— Client

Gadré Marine

— Market

Retail Western Europe

— Expertise

Brand strategy & repositioning Brand identity Packaging design



So we took a step back and rediscovered a product with a very old Japanese origin, made for fishermen who went to sea for a long time. With its unique processing and preservation techniques, its abundance of proteins, surimi turned out to be an honest, healthy product that creates endless possibilities in terms of shapes, flavours, innovation and taste experience.

Brand & Packaging design

This story gave us the tools to create an unprecedented and authentic brand image that could claim quality and trust while provoking a wonderful taste experience for the European consumers. We reworked the logo into the iconic red shape it has today, supplemented with a blue aqua world that tells the whole story with respect for the fishermen and the oceans. We also refined the taste experience with indulging product images, ensuring everything was presented as one complete image on the packs.

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