Changing a diaper with recycling design into an invitation for a better tomorrow.


Woosh successfully introduced a diaper service with an ecological mindset, aiming to revolutionize the waste problem associated with diapers. As the initial diapers and packaging were not branded by Woosh, they quickly needed to improve packaging communication to keep pace with the brand's success, which exceeded all expectations. Bigtrees, with its expertise, created the sustainability and general brand strategies Woosh needed. They then sought our packaging design expertise to elevate the Woosh packagings and meet their ambitious goals. A shitty job? Not at all.


In their first year, Woosh gained over 14% of the market share for diapers for nurseries. With the current growth rate and the backing of a complete rebranding and impactful packaging designs, achieving 30% of the Belgian nursery market in the short term is a realistic goal. By shifting the focus from diapers to an ecological mindshift towards circularity, the brand offers a unique solution to reducing waste. The numbers reflect people's optimism for a better outcome, which Woosh is poised to deliver.

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Building on the sustainability and general brand strategies made by Bigtrees, we explored what made Woosh unique in the diaper market. It became evident that their mission to improve waste management was both profound and contagious. Thus, the brand's personality was crafted to be daringly disruptive yet positive. The packaging needed to bypass traditional communication channels and go directly to the frontline of communication: the nurseries.


Initially, Woosh did not intend to change its brand logo. However, in team with Bigtrees we convinced them that to meet the promise of pure brand impact while being bold and different throughout the packaging, a new logo was necessary. With the green light, we created a brand logo that embodies Woosh's ultimate goal of achieving 100% circularity. The new logo is inviting, positive, and playful—just like the people behind the brand.


The packaging design was where Woosh's complete vision needed to come together. While fitting seamlessly into the baby world, the packaging now clearly signaled a mission-driven product. We embraced meaningful convictions, portraying positivity and inviting the fun of children's fantasy worlds—birds, oceans, astronauts, beaches, woods and so many more. Circularity was key, with bold lines all around emphasizing continuity and guiding users through the range. Every detail on the packs was meticulously crafted to ensure no message was left unturned or unexplained.


A baby is not a billboard; they should feel protected and free to play. We linked diaper and packaging design through color and visual tools, emphasizing creativity and fun. Yet, we never lost sight of practical usability for nurseries, ensuring that size numbers are optimally visible in daily handling.


From the packaging design, a new visual toolbox emerged, allowing Woosh to communicate its green mission from a cozy world of baby imagination. Serious matters can be playful and meaningful, and Woosh is the proof of that. 30%, here we come!

“In addition to the immense creativity and expertise that Catchafish possesses, it was simply a pleasure to work with your team. From the very first meetings, we were unanimously impressed by the way you “understood” our product. The result is a perfect translation of our corporate mission and vision into a stunning product and packaging design!”

Silke Duthoit, Marketing & communicatie Woosh

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