Every office has its habits. For us, It’s kicking off the weekend with a good glass of wine. So when the people of Vinetiq nocked at our door, we knew this would be a great project. An online platform for cool climate wines, for a community of wine lovers, to give insights and inspiration with a personal touch, and of course the unique look, both online and print.  


Helping out on their online ideas, we connected the dots between top end pleasure and clever business, gathering people and unique places, discovering tastes and sharing knowledge. Or should we say grapes? The cobalt blue became the signature color for Vinetiq’s mission in cool climate wines. Did you say ‘cool’? Yes. Cheers!


Supported with their new and unique winery location in the winery fields of Liezele, Vinetiq is steadily growing in importance and sales in the Belgian wine market, backed by a loyal community of wine lovers. 


Web building by Wieni






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