Five men from the sea with a wish to sell their grey gold from the sea themselves. They wanted to tell their story as it is: the sea, their history, their care of the legacy, their friendship, their search for taste, and their personal stories. Who could say no to that? 


Working closely with Straatmarketeer, a complete branding was created from brand story, brand identity, packaging design to visual toolbox. Everything feels directly peeled off trom hard life at the rough sea in the North of Holland. But most of all, it became a statement to the lives, friendship and passion of these men of sea. Proud!


Due to the authenticity of the story, the quality of  the products and the attention to local production, the sales is becoming a succes, step by step in Foodservice and Retail. First in Holland, and with our  strategic help now also here in Belgium, the greatest grey shrimp eaters of Europe. 




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