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Catchafish is lighting the fire for a warm end to 2022.

It's decided. We are supporting a beautiful local project of non-profit organization 't Stoofken (vzw Raakpunt) in Ghent. For 15 years now, with great enthusiasm and with the support of the City of Ghent and local entrepreneurs, they have provided a nice end-of-year party and a tasteful end-of-year meal for underprivileged Ghent families for whom a cozy and tasty festive meal is not always obvious. And we would like to hang our 'hook' on that. With or without fish 😊

You know it, the traditional brainstorm with the team to thank our customers for another exciting collaboration last year. Add a drink, a crunchy cookie to feed the brain mass, nice and warm (because we have plenty of sweaters in our closet)... The result: tons of ideas, quirky sparkles, funny gadgets, tasty delicacies, liquid or in chocolate... they were all reviewed. Enough options!


But in the tidal wave of ideas came a light revelation: 'that it might also be nice to spend the budget that we want to spend on a warm project where we support people who don't have an easy time today'. Silence. Approving nod. And then a lot of warm enthusiasm! 'Because we, as a brand & packaging design agency, are constantly surrounded by tasty products that have to be packaged in a nice box, by brands that have to be positioned in a tasteful way (take this literally) between all the other goodies. Only to jump out with a huge appetite.' 'Not everyone is this lucky....'! Bam! Clearly! Unanimity! "That's what we're going for!" 🚀

And this makes us happy. Because creating strong stories is also in our DNA. And this is one of those. Sincere applause for the compassionate and selfless efforts of the team of vzw 't Stoofken! We are happy that we can help create their story. At a beautiful end of the year moment with good food, cosiness and warmth. And hope!

Hopefully this will make you happy too, because our gift, bottle, box of chocolate, funny gadget will not end up on your table, but with people for whom it really matters. Thank you also to you for helping to close the end of the year with sparkles and a warm party creation!


Warm regards,

Wafa, Lawrence, Fleur, Stéphane and Jürgen

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After a short search, we came into contact with Kathy, one of the driving forces behind vzw 't Stoofken. Their story and the projects they realize through the year, purely with material and financial support from the outside, with heart and soul, immediately warmed us to throw some extra wood cubes 🪵 in their stoves. To help create that great flame in the pipe.

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