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Thanks to good friends, we came in touch with Kris and Freija. While being humble craftsmen in the old art of jewelry, they knew times are changing rapidly. How to fit with their detailed work of patience in a society where quick consumer satisfaction rules? Loving their passion out of the ordinary, and linking them for who they are, we were keen to help. 


One of us fishies being grandson of jewelers, coming into the atelier, we were immediately thrown back into days gone by. The unique tools, the smell of precious metals, the silence which brings out the best of creation. It all triggered us to communicate their mindset, Their way of thinking about things, and how this connects with their demanding clientele. 


Since our first cooperation, Four year collections have been presented in the yearly Kris Baele magazine throughout flanders, each sharing unique creations. In Covid times, we were also able to set up an online communication, in order to keep his beloved clientèle close in distant times. The packagings were also renewed the level of their work. It’s an ode to their passion and to the people they are. 





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