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Brugge is an iconic cheese brand, a proud ambassador of our famous Belgian Burgundian food culture. It would be reasonable to never change a winning formula and its look. But on the other hand, our society and consumers are evolving. Is it enough to simply repeat the Brugge logo over and over again on all products in order to express what it stands for? Does it has its place in todays and tomorrows world? Do consumers still resonate with Brugge?


The mission wasn't to reinvent what did not needed to be reinvented. When you're dealing with an icon, you're elevating what you've got to a level that was thought impossible before, rejuvenating its attractiveness and creating more market share.


Besides that, we've simplified each taste proposition for a bigger iconicity on pack. We've emphasized on telling Brugge's story from milk to cheese, and its commitment for a sustainable future. 


Todays research reveals Brugge has to be the number one hard cheese brand in the mind of consumers, with the highest purchase intent in the market. We are proud to help Brugge Cheese raising the bar and elevating the best known Belgian cheese brand to a new level of effectiveness. A promising future for an iconic history brand.





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