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Mayo, Belgian fries best friend. After having disappeared in the 90’s, and having had a good chat about what their core business is about, Vandemoortele new it was time for a great come back with Belgian mayo. But not just any mayo. From now on it needed to be pure and honest in recipe and ingredients, directly linked to Vandemoortele as a brand, and its renewed convictions.


Where others are busy with practical color codings and serving suggestions, we revealed ingredients as they are: Simple, honest, and quite iconic. We advised in their choice of jar, which is smaller, more refined, takes less place in the shelve, and is easier to use in the freezer. Supported with the branded green lid which tells their story in the Mayo universe, the recognizable round and rich graphics became the beginning of of a tasteful story which should never have stopped. 


Goals, building on a promising start: the range is enriched constantly, thanks to the first seasons succes. And more ambitions are on the way. 


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