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Hooghoudt wanted to tell the incredibly rich history of a spirit known in Holland and Belgium. The story of a spirit that conquored the world, but became forgotten… But how could they tell a story in which they exist only a short period of time? Right: through a new brand, focussing on the time before Hooghoudt even existed. 

Being from Ghent, we know our classics. Bakkerij Himschoot is a bakery icon in the centre of Ghent since 1880, known by people of Ghent, and by tourist on the search for authenticity. So when Ward and Vanessa came to ask us to revive this rich history, and to make it a future proof bakery brand with big ambitions, we knew what to do. 


With respect for the past of Himschoot, we reinvented the brand, respectful for its tradition and history, but translating it in a strong visual identity. One which keeps being ownable for Himschoot, while being part of kraftsmanship in the 21st century. We developed a rich visual toolbox, which allows to work on online and offline communication, in store look and feel, packagings, etc. All with the purpose to let consumers feel the heartbeat of Himschoot.


We also created a range of ice cream cups to be sold in the Himschoot bakeries, with lots of historical humor and with a strong link to the Himschoot brand. 

Since the takeover of the brand Himschoot, ambitions are high, and it is translating in their business. A complet new and modern ‘atelier’ making long known tastes, stores throughout Ghent, and with ambition to open up new places in other cities in Belgium. History, part of the future. 


Further store design and building by Rebooth

Sign painting by Maarten Leenknecht





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