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Greenway has been a vegetarian pioneer in Belgium for over 25 years and we are proud to call them a long-time customer of ours. Step by step, starting from a simple veggie fastfood restaurant in Ghent, the brand evolved into a Belgian veggie brand, serving catering in restaurants and festivals, retail and foodservice. To realize their ambition to become the number one Belgian ‘new meat’ brand, Greenway needed a thorough facelift. 


Our strategic approach to the brand was to evolve Greenway from a niche product brand to a relevant food brand, claiming their leadership in the veggie shelves. Creating confidence to dare to stand out and being proud of their own green way. Their tools to succeed? A no nonsense attitude, trust as a local player in the veggie market and of course, an attractive range of ‘no meat’ products.


We transformed the old look into a powerful brand identity, where the arrow in the brand is literally showing the way to a delicious and sustainable future. We built a complete brand world with an ownable tone of voice, giving Greenway its rightful place from restaurant to festival, from packaging to online communication.


To justify their sustainability story, we created a packaging design using less paper and plastic compared to the competition. In addition, the used plastic turned into recycled plastic.

It resulted in powerful packaging designs that created the biggest brand impact ever, even while using 3 tons less paper and communication space per year. 


No meat, no nonsense


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