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How do you make a meaningful difference when you're in an undervalued profession?

How do you stand out in a world where clean & easy is always visualized as clean & easy? Easy but not easy: EasyClean needed to reinvent itself by giving both their own cleaners and their customers what they really want. Respect. Trust. A clean look and above all: a positive feeling. 


Together with the people of EasyClean, Catchafish developed a brand strategy in which the usual values of a cleaning company go hand in hand with a proud, warm and dynamic attitude. Bringing out the best of each cleaner and turning this into respect in both ways.


We mashed all the values of EasyClean together and brought them to life in an attractive modular visual identity. Vibrant colours and strong graphic elements turn the big C into a big E. Clean & Easy. But above all, remarkably positive. Because at its heart, EasyClean is all about shining the extra smile!


Shining the extra smile



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