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Making skin care appealing to consumers is one thing. But to make men skin care relevant to men is another. Men don’t care about their skin. Or do they? Do we simply miscommunicate with them? When Tine came by with her challenge to a create skin care brand for men from the unique antioxidant powers of thistles, we thought: the game is on.


Analyzing classic big brands, it was clear a predicable black packaging and communication language for men wouldn’t do it. Too ‘cliché’, not in sync with the mind of men. Our mission was clear: from now on done with the chit-chat, we talk like men do. In your face.


We built the brand Dhist’l as it should be: bold in first appearance, fluidly caring in the next. The unique green color giving unique color blocking in the pharmacy, and adding to the natural ingredients, sustainable commitments, and being backed by significant scientifically proven data. A language with facts, without fuzz.


Since its start, Dhist’l sells online and partners up with more than 70 pharmacies throughout Flanders who share their values and commitments. And the list keeps on growing. 


In your face



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