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Davai found itself in a catch 22. They were excited to conquer the world, but until that point, they were confronted with the consumer, not understanding what Davai is exactly. Is it ravioli? Is it a dumpling? Is it an appetizer? Lunch? Dinner? Italian? Oriental? South-American? How do you prepare it? How does it taste? And most of all: is it any good for the conscious consumer?


We gave Maybritt and Ruslan the confidence and tools, not to talk from the product, but to communicate from their convictions. We translated their unique let’s-go energy into their superpower. So yes, it is an appetizer, lunch and dinner. But most of all, it is vegan, organic, honest, nutritious and way better for the planet.


We shook things up for Davai, changing everything for the better. While originally their logo was not to be touched, we convinced them to break with the past and to give it more power, in line with their powerful character (typography Gladys Dumez). We redesigned the complete packaging  to express everything Davai has to offer in great taste, good ingredients, versatility and goodness for us all. Their personal shout out to a better world, bringing a smile on our faces.


Davai successfully overcame covid troubles, and is now thriving as never before in food service, retail, online in Belgium and Holland. The Davai future looks promising, with increasing sales, new product range coming, and expansion into the UK coming up.


(Brand typography Gladys Dumez)


Capturing full’filling moments



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