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Branding and packing the passion for clean food 

Giving an inspiring face to a ‘passion for clean food’ mission


How do you translate what is in the mind of the customer into a wonderful visual brand identity while giving birth to a fascinating name for his brand? 

Welcome to the inspiring story of Charles Wailly, aka ‘captain chocolate’, creator of the most indulging chocolate products.

We started with a deep dive, a good talk to discover the essence of what is going on in the head of Charles. It was a lot like stepping into a world full of discovery, wonder and enchantment. And being touched by his never-ending quest for a cleaner bite and his pursuit of a sustainable world. Always on the lookout for the best and most natural ingredients, he literally sets sail to the far corners of our world, bringing back the most fascinating flavours to create his bittersweet range of chocolate temptations.


The challenge was clear. We translated all of his passion and beliefs into a clear brand strategy that takes a future-proof position. While doing so, we discovered a lot of opportunities giving birth to more new indulging ideas. 

With all these insights in mind, we created a new brand and character named ‘Charlie Wally Wow’, an intruiging personality entering a world of discovery, wonder and enchantment and playing the lead role in numerous astonishing adventures. We gave Charlie Wally Wow the lead role in a delightfully surprising brand world brimming with magic. And by doing so, we empowered his admirable mission of creating a ‘cleaner bite’ and a sustainable world.


Each new astonishing adventure is showcased on the packaging designs, reflecting his personality in every little detail and bringing to life his beliefs and dedication to quality in the honest illustrations, in the sparkling little stories and interactions with an imaginative world. 




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